The RAF Career of Maurice 'Roy' Skeet.
1936 to August 1939.

14th September 1936, Passed fit for pilot training by a RAF Medical Board. (No.2 C.M.B.)


5th April, Graded Acting Pilot Officer on Probation at Civil Flying School, Scottish Aviation Ltd, Prestwick Aerodrome, Ayrshire for Flying Training.

26th April, Qualified for his Private Pilots Licence to fly all types of land planes.
(Aircraft flown: - Hawker Hart, Hawker Audax, De Havilland Tiger Moth (D.H.82), Handley Page Heyford and Avro Anson.) (Stated to be an Average Pilot and good in Ground Subjects, his interests are recorded as: - Boxing, Football, Golf, Running, Riding, Diving and Flying.)

31st May, Posted to No.24 Training Group Depot, Bomber Command, for Flying Training, Granted a 4 year Short Service Commission with RAF Bomber Command.

5th June, Posted to No.23 Training Group, No.6 Flying Training School, Netheravon Salisbury for Flying Training.

4th September, authorised to wear his Flying Badge, (WINGS).


8th January, Posted to No.102 Bomber Squadron, Honington, Suffolk, Duties: - Pilot of Handley Page, Heyford Aircraft, carrying out Aircraft familiarisation and Operational Flying Training.

5th April, Confirmed in Appointment with the Rank of Pilot Officer.

14th November, Posted to No.77 Bomber Squadron, Driffield, Yorkshire, Duties: - Pilot of Armstrong Whitworth, Whitley III Aircraft, carrying out Aircraft familiarisation and Operational Flying Training.

26th November, Married his fiancé at the Register Office Bridlington, Yorkshire.


5th April, British Passport issued for travel to all parts of the British Empire including all countries in Europe, The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Palestine and Iraq.

8th April, Posted to No.70 Bomber Transport Squadron at RAF Station Habbaniya, Iraq.

4th May, Arrived at No. 70 Bomber Transport Squadron, Habbaniya, Iraq, from Home Establishment, allocated to 'C' Flight, Pilot of Vickers Valentia I Aircraft carrying out Aircraft familiarisation and Flying duties.
(5th May to 30th August 1939. Detailed information is presently unavailable. P/O Skeet believed to have been assigned to carry out the routine weekly Transport of passengers, supplies and mail between RAF Habbaniya, Rutbah, Lydda and Heliopolis Egypt in a Valentia Transport Aircraft of No.70 Squadron Detachment.)

30th August, No.70 Bomber Transport Squadron, Heliopolis, Egypt, Pilot, Flying Duties, Aircraft Valentia I.

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