(39800) RAF BOMBER COMMAND (1937-42)

September 14th Passed as fit for Pilot Training by RAF Medical Board.
April 5th Attended Civil Flying School, Prestwick, Ayrshire. Signed for a 4 Year, Short Service Commission.
April 26th Qualified for his Private Pilots License, (All types of land plane).
May 31st Graded as Acting Pilot Officer. Posted to Depot 24(T) Group, for further Flying Training.( Supernumary)
June 5th Posted to No' 6 Flight Training School, 23(T) Group, Netheravon. (As Pilot.)
September 4th Granted his Wings.
(Aircraft Flown, DH82, Hawker Hart, Hawker Audax, Avro Anson, Tiger Moth, Handley Page Heyford.)
January 8th Posted to No' 102 Bomber Squadron, 3 Group, Honington, for Flying Duties. (Pilot, Handley Page Heyford.)
April 5th Confirmed in Appointment. Graded as Pilot Officer.
November 14th Posted to No' 77 Bomber Squadron, 4 Group, Driffield, for Flying Duties. (Pilot, Whitley III.)
April 8th Posted to No' 70 (BT) Squadron, Middle East, Helwan, for Flying Duties. (Observer, Navigator, Pilot, Valentia I.)
August 30th Posted to No' 70 Squadron, Middle East, Heliopolis, for Flying Duties. (Pilot, Valentia I.)
September 3rd War Declared.
October 10th Posted to No' 70 Squadron Detachment, RAF Station Habbaniya Iraq, for Flying Duties. (Pilot, Valentia I.)
December 5th Promoted to the Rank of Flying Officer.
June 31st Detached Duty, RAF Station, Habbaniya, Iraq. (Activities not specified)
August 6th Detached Duty, RAF Station, Habbaniya, Iraq. (Activities not specified)
August 8th Appointed as Officer Commanding No' 70 Squadron Detachment at RAF Station, Habbaniya, Iraq.
October 5th No' 70 Squadron Detachment re-established as No' 216 Squadron Detachment at RAF Habbaniya.
December 5th Promoted to the Rank of Flight Lieutenant.
December 20th No' 216 Squadron detachment re-established as the reformed 'Communications Flight', Iraq.
February 2nd Admitted to RAF Habbaniya Hospital with Acute Appendicitis.
March 7th Informed he was to be transferred to the RAFO as of 5th April 1941 on completion of his 4 Year SSC.
March 17th Returned to Unit.
April 5th Transferred to the Reserve, Retained on the Active List with all Rights to Command and Precedence.
April 7th The Communication Flight and All Personnel placed under the orders of 'The Habbaniya Defence Scheme'.
April 9th Instructed to have One Valentia 'Bombed Up' at Two Hours Readiness for Night Combat Duty.
April 30th The General Alarm Sounded at RAF Station Habbaniya, the Station under Siege by Iraqi Forces.
May 2nd Hostilities commenced between the Iraqi and British Forces at RAF Station Habbaniya, Iraq
May 2nd-31st The Communications Flight on Combat Duty with 'The Habbaniya Air Striking Force'.
May 31st The Communications Flight returning to normal duties, British Forces in control of Iraq.
September 24th Admitted to RAF Habbaniya Hospital with an Infection.
October 25th Returned to Unit.
December 15th Listed as transferred to the personnel list at No' 1 Depot U.K., pending repatriation.
February 14th RAF Bomber Command  adopts 'The Area Bombing Campaign' over German Cities.
February 16th Recorded as on Temporary Loan to the Middle East Desert, prior to repatriation.( Supernumary)
February 18th Repatriated to the UK. Reported to No' 1 Depot RAF and granted Leave from 18th February to 3rd March '42.
March 1st Promoted to the Rank of Squadron Leader.
March 5th Reported to H.Q. No' 6 Group and posted to No' 10 Operational Training Unit, Abingdon. (Pilot, Whitley III.)( Supernumary)
April 4th Training with No' 1501 Blind Approach Training Flight. Abingdon. (Pilot, Wellington II.)
May 5th Posted to No' 158 Squadron, Driffield, Appointed as 'A' Flight Commander. (Pilot Wellington II.)
May 30th As 2nd Pilot in Wellington Z8429, No' 158 Squadron. The 1st Thousand Bomber Raid.
June 1st As 2nd Pilot in Wellington Z8429, No' 158 Squadron. The 2nd Thousand Bomber Raid.
June 5th Arrived at 'RAF Eastmoor' with the advance party of 'A' Flight, No' 158 Squadron.
June 16th Posted to No' 10 Squadron, Lynton On Ouse. (No record of arrival.)
June 26th Found Dead from a Gunshot Wound to the Head in a Bathroom at The Knavesmire Hotel, York.
June 27th At an Inquest held by the York Deputy Coroner it was concluded that the Wound was self inflicted.
June 30th Interred in RAF Grave 13, Row 'Q' at Newton on Ouse, (All Saints) Churchyard, Yorkshire.
July 4th RAF Court of Enquiry held at RAF Satellite to investigate the Circumstances and Cause of  Death.
July 16th War Service Gratuity calculated as 33 Months 24 Days from 3rd September 1939 to 26th June 1942.

Recorded as remembered with honour in the records of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Decorations awarded Posthumously and an early photograph of the late Maurice Roy Skeet.

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