(This page has been redrafted in the light of the recent
Proposal and Campaign to fund and erect a Monument to the sacrifice and bravery
of the crews of Bomber Command in Green Park Central London.)

They rode the wind on "Wings of Thunder",
when our Nation's peace was torn asunder.

In that 'Time of Need' they answered the call,
to give of their youth and many their all!

Riding the wind over land and sea,
setting aside thoughts of what might be.

Borne aloft on their thundering wings,
parted from home and their cherished things.

Braving the Night-fighters, Shells and Flak,
yet knowing that many might never come back.

Trusting to Fate in that fearsome hell,
stricken from flight, many tumbled and fell.

The lucky ones saved by their silken threads,
sent to ponder their war from prison camp beds.

They carried their missions time and again,
facing the fears and taking the strain.

In thousands they thundered the sky in flight,
the extent of their loss brings tears to the sight.

In Bomber Command, those men bold and brave,
with a Nation's cause to serve and save.

Forging a freedom for all to live under,
they rode the wind on "Wings of Thunder".


They gave all with honour in horror filled days,
now we look back in awe and humbled praise.

At last a Memorial is planned for these men,
as we must not forget their sacrifice then!

Now all now might see and stand in wonder,
for those who rode on "Wings of Thunder"


Dedicated to the Valiant Airmen of
particularly the 55,573 who made the ultimate sacrifice.

This Note added 27th Sept' 2010

Earlier versions of the above Poem were included in the ceremony to celebrate the unveiling of a memorial to Lancaster III JB455 MG-N held in Anzegem, West Flanders, Belgium on the morning of 20 June 2004.
And, the 65th commemoration date of the loss of Lancaster EE138 and all crew members. A Remembrance Ceremony was held on September 4th 2008 at 2:00pm at the Crash site - S.W. intersection Stadiløvøj & Mollebyvej, Stadil, Denmark.
Hear the original version of this poem being recited by Veterans of Bomber Command
Michael Anthony Roy Skeet, 2004-2010.


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